fathers day fun

29 Jun

This year we were on a budget for Father’s Day. (Which might have been due in part to the fact that Hubs got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. Have I mentioned that he is incredibly hot recently? Ooh, cause he is :) Anyhoo, since I usually get Hub’s a massage, I was at a loss on what we could do to make his day special. When I ran across this post on Dating Divas, I thought it would be a perfect, kid friendly way to give Daddy a “massage” and stay on our budget.

Heres how it went:

First we bought a white t-shirt at the Old Navy $6 sale (with an additional 10% off using a Facebook coupon). Then, we got a 12 pack of Sharpies at Office Max (where they kindly price matched the in-store price to the online price). Then we hit up the Dollar Store for a little blue die-cast Jeep (the Bun’s favorite) and finally, printed off the Dating Divas template:

I taped the template together and then affixed the whole thing onto a sheet of cardboard we had laying around so the marker wouldn’t bleed through:
I tried to take a picture of the template underneath the shirt so you could see how easy it was. I just traced the outline with the Sharpie, following the original design and then adding a few more fun locations on the map:
This is how it turned out! We had a Fire House (for Uncle Marcus), Gammy’s House, the library, a park, a store, Aunt B’s house, Nana’s Flower Shop, the beach, a gas station and finally, “horsh” – a local carousel that the Bun loves.

Now, Daddy can wear his shirt and let the Bun drive the Jeep all over his back – an imperfect (but adorable) massage! Perhaps the best part of giving Hubs the present was the Bun’s enthusiastic announcement of “Dada! Shirt! Car!” before he opened it. That, or the fact that after exactly two seconds of “massaging” Daddy’s back with the little blue Jeep, our son laid down next to him and declared “Dack’s turn!“.

Happy Father’s Day, honey. We love you!

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